Windfinder Pro App Reviews

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Misleading advertising

So you have to buy the app, and THEN pay again for the alerts. Surprise! App is good, just didnt add much from the free version.


Time only shows 0:00 on all positions

New Design is Complex

The GUI isnt Apple iOS style. It is now complex. Too many information. Please reduce. Focus. Delete complexity. This is based on a programmers mind. Not user friendly.

windfinder app doesnt run on itouch

Downloaded windfinder pro yesterday but it would not run on my iTouch. The app developer tells me its an iTunes problem. Probably true, but still does not run.


I am a experienced sailor and I use this app all the time. I think it is a great way to keep track of your favourite conditions no matter what activities that you like.


Great App! Better than the competition for sure as it has wave height where available.

Wind turbine

Great app. Will upgrade to a 5 star when they have an update for iPad

Pro not worth the extra money

They charge per month for the alerts in the pro version, which is not the impression they give you before you download. Pro version not worth the money. Only difference is there are no ads and there is a superforecast (I dont know what it is based on cause the actual wind does not come close to the superforecast)

Waste of Money!

The only reason I upgraded to Pro was for the advertised Alerts which are not available in the Pro Version anymore!!! Thanks for nothing! Would give 0 Stars if I could

Save your money this app is so unreliable

Save your money I live in Vancouver and this app is way off all the time.

Great, please choose a wider font

This app is great, however, the font in the last update decreased readability. Please choose a wider font (e.g., Gotham, see Twitter). Update: The latest update made the font even smaller on the iPhone 6 Plus. Please use dynamic fonts.

Only Accurate Wind Direction.

Wind Speed Does Not Accurate... :(

Using pro, crashes on wind preview

Good wind reports. %85 accurate..

Good for Croatia - together with alladin forecast

Usefull, but not very precise for Croatia Split area

Sailors be warned

If youre using this for sailing, be warned! The wind speeds are dangerously inaccurate. Regularly predicted to be significantly lower than reality. There is a big difference between a predicted 15k wind - max - and a 25k true with 35k gusts when sailing!

Update makes font size too small

Love the app. Update makes text difficult to read.

Worked great until I upgraded to Pro.

The version before Pro was great: since the upgrade, unable to select favorites and limited applications. Unable to get customer support. Not sure what happened?

Stops Working After Latest Update

Worked great and was my "go to" wind app while boating but after this latest update it does not work at all. Ive deleted it.

Best mobile wind and weather info ever

Windfinder totally succeeds in fast wind and weather information. Live and forecast as precise as it can be. I especially like the speed of the app.

Mobile wind and weather perfectionism

Windfinder totally succeeds in fast wind and weather information. Live and forecast as precise as it can be. I especially like the speed of the app.

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